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Falconry Classes

.. With Master Falconer Dan Frankian


Learn about falconry and how to become a falconerAre you fascinated by Birds of Prey? Are you interested in learning more about Falconry?

Then our 4 or 8 hour classes are a perfect introduction for you to get your feet wet and learn more about what it takes to become a falconer, keep and train your own bird(s), and perhaps become a falconer yourself.


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About Hawkeye's Falconry Classes

Our classes/workshops cover the history of falconry, current Florida laws & regulations, making and using falconry furniture, and how to care for birds of prey.

Falconry Furniture

We'll discuss falconry equipment, terminology, and techniques, including basic leather work - how to make leather jesses and alymeri/anklets. We will spend time on falconry knots.

About Birds of Prey

Learn about raptor identification and physiology, raptor behavior, ecology, health/healthcare and optimal weight, about attitude and hunting styles of different birds, and we'll discuss how weather or season can impact your bird and its performance.We'll talk raptor facilities (aviaries) and bird husbandry.

Flying a Bird of Prey

We'll cover basic field etiquette: Where to fly your bird, how far ahead it should (or should not) be when other people are around. We'll talk about safety: There are many dangers present in our modern world; from cars to razor wire, traps, other raptors, electric wires, and more. We will also discuss Creonce and emergency lure training.


Classes are offered in West Palm Beach, FL (N Flagler Drive/45th). We can arrange for classes any day of the week. The cost per person is USD 680.00 plus 7% Tax for the full day, USD 375.00 plus 7% tax for half day. Classes are taught one on one or with 2 participants maximum. A signed waiver must be present for every participant before your session can begin.


Please note that participation in our classes or workshops does not guarantee that you will pass your written exam, nor will it eliminate the need for you to find a sponsor, should you decide to continue on and indeed become a falconer.


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Lesley Riedstra

Loved this outing, even in the sweltering heat we had a great visit with these beautiful birds.

Greg McNeil

We had a great experience, got to see all the birds of prey before getting to meet an owl and falcon up close. We got to see the owl be fed and fly the Falcons ourselves with some assistance which was the best part of the entire session. 10/10 recommend!

Khrystsina Dubavik

Amazing experience! Very friendly people. We fully enjoyed our time spent there. Absolutely worth going!