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Falconer's Experience Florida

book falconry experiencSpend 60-90 minutes with one of our falconers. Learn a bit about birds of prey, about their needs and building aviaries, ask questions, take photos and videos and be prepared to fall in love. At the end of your session, have a Harris Hawk fly to and from your arm.

Our Falconer's Experience is available in West Palm Beach, FL (N Flagler Drive/45th), 7 days a week. It is suitable for children 6 years and older - group sizes are capped at 6 participants. Please dress according to weather and wear closed, sturdy shoes. A signed waiver must be present for every participant before your session can begin.

Upon arrival, please proceed to Volleyball Court. You may also call your falconer at 833.833.4295 and he/she will come meet you.

Session for 1 participant   $  175 +tax
Session for 2 participants $  250 +tax
Session for 3 participants $  325 +tax
Session for 4 participants $  400 +tax
Session for 5 participants $  475 +tax
Session for 6 participants $  550 +tax


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Lesley Riedstra

Loved this outing, even in the sweltering heat we had a great visit with these beautiful birds.

Greg McNeil

We had a great experience, got to see all the birds of prey before getting to meet an owl and falcon up close. We got to see the owl be fed and fly the Falcons ourselves with some assistance which was the best part of the entire session. 10/10 recommend!

Khrystsina Dubavik

Amazing experience! Very friendly people. We fully enjoyed our time spent there. Absolutely worth going!